Linux : read write permission for group and apache

Situation : I need a group of developers  and apache  to have reads/writes permission on a folder in /var/www/html/foldername


Solution :

  • create users and a group

    #useradd develone
    #useradd develtwo
    #groupadd developergroup
  • Append “apache” and 2 users to “developergroup”

    #usermod -a -G developergroup apache
    #usermod -a -G developergroup develone
    #usermod -a -G developergroup develtwo
  • Set ownership and gid to “foldername”

    #chown apache:developergroup foldername
    #chmod 775 foldername
    #chmod g+s foldername


done. tested on CentOS 6.5 machine with ~50 users/developers



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