Installing module sybase_ct in CentOS 6.x with php 5.4

Firstly,  you may need to import/installl remi repos and development tools into your CentOS.

Then, install php,apache and freetds using yum :

#yum install httpd php freetds freetds-devel
#php -i (to identify php version installed)

Go to and download the php souce code same version as above.
Extract it, and be prepare to compile the souce code.

#./configure –with-sybase-ct=shared,/usr
# cp modules/ /usr/lib64/php/modules
#cd /etc/php.d/
#vim sybase.ini

and enter the following text;

; Enable SAIBESSSS extension module

restart your apache, and create file contain <?php phpinfo(); ?> to check whether the module successfully installed or not. You also can check from terminal by running # php -i | grep sybase
Teston On CentOS 6.6 , PHP 5.4.38, Apache 2.2


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