new project : reverse port knocking

I has started a new project called Reverse Port Knocking (RPK).
the details can be read on ( closed )
I choose to use java as the language to build the application.


The (R)everse Pork Knocking application start of as an assignment project for master degree student.
Then it’s been decided to make it public , so that anyone can download it and play around with it.

Founder : yusrul
Co-founder: hafeez

* Fouder == founder of this blog.

Basic RPK

Reverse Port Knocking or RPK developed using java. Consist of 2 programs, server and client.

The server will open 1 port (e.g : 5000) when running and waiting for the client “connection” using the port sequences

from the client (e.g: 3000, 4000, 5000).

If the sequences is correct, the server will execute custom script or run a program on the server side.

project started !

myrpk is all about port knocking application developed by me and my friend using java.

the project has started on  21 Jan 2012 and the source code has been uploaded in under rpk name.


p/s: “I” == 2 peoples.


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